Custom Performance Chips

February 19, 2014

in BEHE News

Behe Performance is now offering custom chips for all front engined, water cooled Porsches as well as all air cooled Porsches. Over the years we have developed a reputation for delivering the most power as well as reliable operation for racers all over the country and Canada. We have done in house custom tuning for many of the top Porsche service providers including Intersport, Racers Edge, Mantis Racing, Precision Motorsports, and Provost Motorsports to name a few.

The racing environment is unforgiving. The latest threat to safe power comes from changes to the fuels that we use. Pump gas and race fuel sold today contains a minimum ten percent ethanol. All vehicle manufacturers in the early 1980s were struggling to comply with stringent US emission laws.  At that time, calibrations were biased towards that compliance. Ethanol was used only as an oxygenate and in much smaller percentages mainly in winter and in colder climates. Once spring arrived most of the fuel reverted to all petrol.

After many dyno hours with hundreds of vehicles, we have seen that the calibrations that we use today to make peak power are significantly different than those from the pre-ethanol era. So much so that we thought it was time to offer a solution to those who can’t physically bring their car to Behe Performance for a custom tune. The chips that we’re offering are performance chips, but they are the only ones that are specifically tailored to E10 and the soon to be sold E15. If you drive a 944, 944 Turbo, S2, 968, 911, 964, or 993 as a daily driver or use it for track days, you need a Behe Performance chip.

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Charles was kind enough to email us this letter today, letting us know he loved our new website, and wanted to contribute his thoughts on our services. We are pleased to be able to share his words with everyone. After reading his letter, watch the video at the bottom of his tuning work with John.


I found Behe Performance because they were a distributor of suspension parts I wanted for my 2012 Dodge Challenger SRT8. I’ve worked in the automotive industry for many years and although I’m not a good mechanic I can certainly recognize one. The crew at Behe is knowledgeable and always willing to explain the repairs or mods they are making to your vehicle.

I was very happy with the work Colin did and returned to talk about performance tuning with John. Immediately I was impressed by the practical methodology John uses to get the most performance with just the parts you need. Although John’s knowledge of tuning engines for performance and drivability is extensive there were some vagaries in the OEM software that he was concerned about. He spent a lot of time and many dyne pulls to give me a tune that met his high standards.

Needless to say I am very happy with the results. John, Colin and the crew at Behe greatly improved the performance of my car at a great value. I will be back for more.

~Charles Stockton


We were pleased to receive this letter from one of our longtime clients, Chris Frederick. Giving quality service and professionally-completed work is paramount in our business. Knowing it is appreciated makes the hard work that much more rewarding. Thank you for the great letter!


auto performance tuningI have known John Behe for over three decades and I would consider him one of the best performance techs in North America. His knowledge of both domestic and import performance vehicles is simply incredible . John’s integrity and honesty is extremely important to me. He always does what he says he is going to do and let’s you know early if something you want is not a good idea. He is not afraid to be candid with me when I am about to make a mistake with one of the cars in my collection.

I collect muscle cars from the sixties to today’s most recent rocket ships. Since John began working on these cars in the sixties, he has been a perfect one-stop performance shop for my entire collection. I have an original ’67 427 cu in 435hp Corvette that no one could get to run correctly, and the three carbs were a constant problem. Today this is my favorite of all my cars to drive. I had the same problem with my ’69 COPO Camaro that was recently restored in Canada and John had to completely rebuild the motor, but it is faster than when it was new ! Since John has a dyno he was able to make the COPO’s automatic on the column shift perfectly at the redline so I can just hold on to the steering wheel launching. John and his son Colin also helped me get into road racing when I added a new ZR 1 Corvette to the collection by servicing it and taking me to the track.

I can say without reservation if you love your car, want it protected , serviced or made to go fast, Behe Performance is the place to take it!

Thank You,

Chris Frederick, CEO
Automotive Training Institute (ATI)


Jeff’s predicament with his Pontiac GTO is one we see too often. We have been working for decades in the performance car business, know the best way to enhance performance, and deliver. We appreciate Jeff taking the time to write this letter about our services; it’s a great compliment to our team.


John Behe,

I’d like to take this time to express my gratitude to you and your staff for the excellent work you performed on my 2005 Pontiac GTO.

I’m not sure what I would have done if I had not run into you at the All Pontiac show in Gaithersburg, Maryland in September of 2006. Another shop had installed my supercharger and I was just so fed up with all the problems and not sure when the next tow truck had to be called that I was thinking about just selling the car.

After speaking with you and listening to your knowledge of this type of performance work, I decided to give it one more try. “BINGO” it worked. You and your staff completed the job after finding many non-professional repairs done by other performance businesses.

I’ve had absolutely no problems since your excellent work was completed. The professional care your business took to fix my 2005 GTO has impressed me greatly. Being in the automotive body and fender repair business, I know the importance of quality work and customer service, and you have reach a very high standard in my opinion in both categories. I’ve driven the GTO 43,000 miles since the work was completed; it’s fast and gets excellent fuel economy.

I have no problem in telling anyone I can about Behe Performance and your excellent knowledge of tuning and repair of this type of GM product. It’s not just about the horsepower to me. It’s the drivability and not having to wonder when the next time I was going to need a tow truck so I could get home.

Thanks again to you and your wonderful staff,

Jeff Titus
Owner, Jeff’s Body Shop
Annapolis, Maryland